Please help us find Bear’s perfect home!

This handsome guy came from the Crow Reservation in Montana.

He has fought so hard to be where he is today, through the pain and the hurt and then the strains of rehabilitation... but he never gave up. Bear deserves to land some place special.

If you are interested in adopting Bear, email us at to request an application



This is Bear, a beautiful rescued guy from Freckles and Tomcat Rescue in Montana. He came to WA for orthopedic surgery and the very best post-op rehab care, and he is now ready to find his forever family. He suffered the loss of a front leg from a gunshot wound, and has had an FHO surgery on his hip, but he is full of heart and has never once come close to giving up. His spirit is strong and he is looking for a home that would enjoy his silliness and love of other dogs, and be committed to providing him with just the right amount of activity. Bear is 3-4 years old, just about 48 lbs, we believe a Cattle Dog mix because he is that smart. He will happily cuddle on the couch, join you for a low-impact walk, and be the very best boy he knows how. It’s his time for a great life and we want to show him what that looks like. 

***no cats

Bear LOVES playtime with buddies! His ideal adoptive home will have another dog friend to play (& cuddle) with, very few if any stairs to navigate on his own, and the more carpet the better for traction. This guy is a special one and deserves his perfect happy ending after all he has endured. He will make someone’s family complete, we just need to find them. 

Let’s find him a family!