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Because you CARE,

there is more KINDNESS in the world.


P.A.C.K. has an active Amazon Wishlist for a variety of supplies for our animals in need.  Just click here to be taken to our list.  You can also donate through your personal Amazon purchases by setting your Amazon-Smile Charity to People for Animal Care & Kindness!


At P.A.C.K. we want to build a community of Givers, People who are looking to make an impact on the lives of animals in need.  Give your voice for animals a place to be heard, give your time to volunteer, give your gift of donation support during a call to action.  We hope you will join our efforts of pouring Care and Kindness in to a world that is thirsty for it.  We dream of creating a powerful group of individuals that are action-oriented and want to see their impact on the lives of the animals we touch.


Our belief is that strength can also be built through collaboration with other like-minded organizations, and that partnerships are critical to success.  By combining resources with one another, we can do more, help more and save more.  Together our impact is stronger than if we were to stand alone.


We hope that you'll join us and be one of the People within People for Animal Care and Kindness.  The Animals are counting on us.❤️

P.A.C.K. is a 501c3 non-profit   EIN: 82-1575597

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