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Available for Adoption

If you are interested in any of our adoptable pets or want more information, please visit our Petfinders page here or email us at

(All pets have a $325 Adoption Fee)

Piper 2.jpeg


Piper has had her stitches removed and she is almost completely recovered from hernia repair surgery following being hit by a car. This beautiful girl was saved by a Pierce County Deputy who crawled 25’ underground to pull her to safety, and she has been so fortunate to have the most dedicated team of medical staff and now foster parents to support her journey. We are now accepting applications for Piper’s adoption and we’d love your help sharing her story. What we know is that she is young, probably just about a year old, she is a Husky mix who likes more activity than she likes couchtime, and she likes other dogs so would be a great playmate for another canine friend. She is located in Gig Harbor, WA and would love to meet anyone with an approved adoption application. This girl will absolutely need a fenced yard to make sure she never winds up in harm’s way again. Please help us celebrate this happy story by joining our efforts to find Piper a great family!

Baby Ruth.jpeg

Baby Ruth





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